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Quest for Fulfillment: Life Story of CORRINNE

Chilstrom Herb
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Quest for Fulfillment: Life Story of CORRINNE

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Herb and Corinne Chilstrm had their first date on Friday, January 13, 1950. Now after more than six decades of love and marriage filled with challenge, fulfillment, and adventure, they're grateful they allowed no superstition about "Friday the 13th" to keep them from that first encounter. This book is primarily about Corinne's life. It is her story. Born into a farm family on the rolling prairies of southeastern South Dakota, she grew up in a family and community steeped in the solid values of rural life and the historic traditions of conservative Lutheran Christianity. As readers will discover, she has carried with her through her entire life the best of those values and traditions, including hard work, love for the earth, daily attention to bible reading and prayer, fundamental loyalty to family, and commitment to the mission of the church. She enjoyed her career as a nurse, both before and after her marriage to Herb. In family life she cared first and foremost for the needs of her children. She worked hand-in-glove with Herb in his ministry as a parish pastor, professor and bishop. But as her story makes clear, she could never shake off the deep-seated conviction that God had another plan for her life--an irresistible call to be an ordained Lutheran pastor. In this book readers walk with Corinne on a venture where she often challenges stereotypes, including her own, about women in the public arena. Her career as a pioneer in ordained ministry is a signature part of that life. Corinne's willingness to break through barriers that hinder many from their own quest for fulfillment is an inspiration to everyone who reads her story.

ISBN 0578209438Binding Paperback