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Matter of Trust

Johnson Glen
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Matter of Trust

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Comments about Glen Johnson Glen, this is Lyndon. I m supposed to be at Bergstrom Air Force Base tomorrow morning to speak to 12,000 airmen and to raise the Minuteman Flag. I may have to have a Security Council Meeting; therefore, I need you to be there in case I can t make it. And by the way, I need a speech on the White House wire before 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. Thanks, and keep up the good work, Glen. Lyndon B. Johnson United States President The greatest gift of life is friendship, and this gift I have received in my friend, Glen Johnson. Hubert H. Humphrey United States Vice President Only my friend Glen Johnson would dare have his feet on my desk. Walter Mondale United States Vice President I want to especially thank Glen Johnson who has been with the company for 40 years. He was the one who took the money funds into the banks in 1975 and our assets went from $300 million to $30 billion in just five years. Glen has been incredibly important to the growth of Federated. Jack Donahue Federated Investors In the early 1970s, the United States was beset by double-digit inflation and double-digit yields on short-term debt investments. A problem to some became an opportunity to Glen Johnson. In a stroke of genius, Glen turned idle cash into an asset class for fiduciaries. Money market mutual funds became a user-friendly solution to the liquidity needs of bank trust departments, and an industry was born. Eugene Maloney Federated Investors Perhaps the best way to tell the story of Glen Johnson s life is to make one thing crystal clear: It was no fluke. Oh, yes, there were some good breaks along the way, but Glen thought all that out in advance. Glen had been climbing the mountains in the vicinity of Lake Lillian in mid-western Minnesota, and it was from that tiny hamlet that he sprouted to become recognized far and wide as a man endowed with a deeply ingrained set of high ethical standards that were an integral part of every quest for success in which he played a role. Norb McCrady Minnesota Community Bankers Virtually everyone who responded to my plea for memories commented on the great Johnson hospitality, the camaraderie d eveloped, the education received, and the major influence on the formation of the formal CCBA organization. I would add that in my nearly 50 years in and around banking, the meetings on Marco Island, and the allied lobbying efforts in Washington, DC with Glen...have been the absolute highlight of my career! Milt Klohn INDEX I am not exactly sure what it was that forged our friendship and the relationship we still enjoy today. I just know I m a better person because of it. Christopher L. Williston CAE President and CEO, Independent Bankers Association of Texas Glen is first and foremost a person of integrity; honest and true in his dealings with people. He is a loyal and dedicated person. Having been associated with more than a dozen board leaders and scores of board members in the 45-year career in higher education, Glen Johnson ranks at the very top by any measure that is applied. And the same applies to his wife LaVonne as board spouse. It was a privilege to work under Glen. It is a pleasure for my wife, Mary, and me to count the Johnsons as friends. C. Carlyle Haaland 16th President, Thiel College Through hard work and the effective use of his special gifts Glen has become very successful and has achieved an elevated status, but his faith oriented his life around a loving purpose, opened him to the whole world, and in the process enlarged his humanity. Dr. Louis Almen 17th President, Thiel College

ISBN 1934002194Binding Hardback