Your Slingshot account has now been updated with Spring term textbook and course materials requirements.  

*If you are part of the Slingshot program, do not order books on your own as your requirements will be automatically filled and delivered to campus. 


Please take a few minutes to log in and review your needs. MyGustavus Slingshot Account


Spring materials will be available to pick up Sunday, February 5. 

Any questions,  contact Erin Kuiper 507-933-6045 or

Check your Requirements

See what is requried for your Spring 2023 courses:log into your Slingshot account:

Use the "BUY BOOKS" tab and then look at "My Schedule." 

That shows everything that is currently required for the courses you are enrolled in.   

(No text required = nothing/Blanks mean we have not heard from the professor yet.)


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